We Install Accommodation Air Conditioning on the Mid North Coast

AIRCON Mid North Coast designs and installs Accommodation Air Conditioning systems.
Accommodation air conditioning systems offer complete heating and cooling solutions for hotels, senior living centres, retirement villages, and apartment buildings.

Design of Accommodation Air Conditioning Systems

Large spaces create problems with air flow. Therefore, air conditioning for complex building shapes requires careful planning. The selection of brand, placement, connection and ability to access for servicing, are all important things to consider. So, if you have many rooms that need air conditioning, we have the design and installation skills to ensure peak efficiency.
Success is when the Air Conditioner delivers the requirements specified by the owner, architect or builder. Through careful attention to the volume of space and layout of each room, we are able to achieve outstanding results. So, you will appreciate the time and effort we take to get the installation design correct.
We have completed installations in some very difficult situations and you get the design benefit of this experience.
In addition, our design focuses on lower ongoing operating costs and cost-efficient operations.


The team at Aircon Mid North Coast has many years of experience in installing and maintaining quality air conditioning solutions. Our team has helped clients throughout Port Macquarie, Wingham, Taree, Hallidays Point, Kempsey, Laurieton and more! We have successfully installed and maintained air conditioning units for a wide range of accommodation type businesses.
These installations include:
Most noteworthy is that all of these businesses have different spaces and building complexities.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Our “Customised Preventative Maintenance Agreement” is the benchmark for the Industry!
The servicing covered by this agreement provides regular visits to ensure that your system is in top condition. Due to the quality of this service, your system will remain operational, efficient and reliable. Importantly, less thorough servicing results in unwanted break-downs which cost money and leave your guests or staff uncomfortable.
We work with you looking at the conditions in which the unit operates, and the load on the system. Then, we consider how often the unit is used and what peak demand it may encounter.
Finally, the agreement will meet your exact needs with cover for one, two or three years. Therefore, you have peace of mind knowing the ongoing servicing keeps your system in its best operating condition.
As a result, your guests and staff will be in total comfort all year round! The benefits for you are easy operations, lower overall costs, and happy customers. Especially relevant is the drop in customer complaints about the heat or cold. So… happy customers, happy staff, happy you!
A “Preventative Maintenance Agreement” from AIRCON Mid North Coast saves you money, and assures uninterrupted all-year-round comfort for guests, staff and you.
to make sure your space is comfortable all year round!