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    The hot weather is here and it’s time to get your air conditioning system checked! 

    We all know that you want a unit that works perfectly, but we also know that you don’t want to spend more money than you need to. Aircon Mid North Coast provides affordable cooling solutions for residential, commercial and marine clients in Laurieton and surrounds.

    Our team of licensed plumbers and electricians can fix any problem with your current system or design and install a new one from scratch. There’s no job that’s too difficult for our technicians who have more than 35 years of industry experience. Call us today on 0439 960 972 for more information.

    Marine Air Conditioning Systems

    Energy Efficient & High Quality

    Do you need a new air conditioning unit for your boat?

    Our team supplies, installs and repairs systems from Seabreeze Industries Marine Air Conditioning. We are a licensed service agent for Seabreeze Industries, which means you can have complete peace of mind over our service quality. 

    Suitable for all marine vessel types, Seabreeze systems have high energy efficiency and include a range of models that only use environmentally safe refrigerants. Also, they are built with high corrosion resistance and function with low vibration, which means these units will last! All air conditioning units are self-contained and come with an easy-to-use control pad. Most importantly, these units won’t take up valuable space and won’t diminish the aesthetics of your vessel! Contact our team today for a service.

    Helping Properties Of All Sizes

    Want to install a ducted, split or multi-room commercial air conditioning system? Contact Aircon Mid North Coast. We serve clients throughout Laurieton and surrounds. We’ll make sure to supply and design a system that satisfies your cooling needs.

    Installations & Maintenance

    Not sure what type of residential air conditioning will be most suitable for your Laurieton home? Our technicians can recommend a system depending on your property size, cooling needs and budget. Give us a call today.

    Fully Licensed & Experienced

    Whether it’s a leaking tap or a blocked drain, our plumbers can take care of problems big and small. Serving residential and commercial clients in Laurieton, we pride ourselves on providing a fast, affordable and professional service.

    Contact Our Electricians

    Not sure if your smoke alarm is industry compliant? Want a professional to take care of lighting upgrades? We’re the team to call. Our electricians are proud to help families and businesses throughout Laurieton, give us a call any time for a service.

    Comprehensive Servicing, Competitive Pricing

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    At Aircon Mid North Coast, whether you require air conditioning, plumbing or electrical services, we can handle it all. We can save you the hassle of contacting multiple technicians by providing a comprehensive service that includes:

    • Plumbing installations 
    • Unblocking drains 
    • Leak repairs 
    • Electrical maintenance & repairs 
    • Smoke alarm services 
    • Electrical compliance testing

    Call 0439 960 972 today to book a service for your property in Laurieton. We’re proud to assist clients located alongside the Stingray Creek.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    An air conditioner can smell if there are mildew or mould growing within the system. This is due to excess condensation as your conditioner removes moisture from the room whilst cooling the temperature. A deep clean of the system can remove the mould and smell.
    You will know that your compressor needs replacing when there is a loud noise coming from the exterior of your unit or if it’s taking longer than normal for your air conditioner to cool.
    No, hot water alone will not be sufficient enough to unblock a drain and may even cause the pipe to melt, causing much bigger problems. If you’re dealing with blocked drains, contact a professional plumber for help.
    There could be too many appliances in your home using electricity at the same time. For example, if you had a fridge, tumble dryer and dishwasher on at the same time this could cause lights to flicker or circuit breakers to trip. You may also have a faulty lightbulb that needs replacing.

    All Types Of Air Conditioning Systems

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