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    Commercial Air Conditioning

    Systems Designed to Suit

    At Aircon Mid North Coast, we provide air solutions that go above and beyond industry standards, incorporating high quality components, smart designs and systems from leading brands to ensure your business functions smoothly all year round. Ducting, dampers, diffusers—when it comes to creating the ideal system for your commercial property in Foster, trust our team of experts.

    We can assess your air flow needs to determine the perfect heating or cooling solutions, with ductwork or units that match the aesthetics of your space. Collaborating with architects, builders, developers and project managers, you can rely on our transparent feedback, industry know-how and keen attention to detail.

    With 35 years’ experience under our belts, we are capable of all aircon jobs—large and small. Whether you need repairs for a small unit, or a complete HVAC system designed and installed at your commercial premises in Forster—our work is efficient, affordable and reliable.

    We service the Great Lakes, including Forster, Tuncurry, Smiths Lake, Nabiac and Diamond Bean.

    Accommodation Air Conditioning

    Hotels, Senior Centres, Retirement Villages

    Aircon Mid North Coast can handle the planning, design and installation of air conditioning systems for larger accommodation premises, like hotels, senior centres, retirement villages, apartment buildings and more. We can deal with complex building shapes, taking into account room layouts, opening hours and a range of other factors.

    We understand the importance of creating a system that works efficiently, ensuring comfort for your guests while also keeping running costs low. We also offer a ‘Customised Preventative Maintenance Agreement’, providing regular visits to ensure your system functions optimally, long after installation!

    At Aircon Mid North Coast, we remove all the hassle associated with air conditioning design, installation and repairs. We provide a service that is mapped out in advance and tailored to your needs. Book our team in Forster today.

    Air Conditioned Office — Aircon installations in Forster NSW 2428

    Commercial Air Conditioning

    Smart Designs, Efficient Cooling

    As premium heating and cooling specialists, we can design a ducted, split or multi-room system to keep your team and customers comfortable throughout the year. Our team will ensure effective, efficient and affordable commercial air conditioning in Forster.

    Modern Air Conditioned Bedroom — Aircon installations in Forster NSW 2428

    Residential Air Conditioning

    Add Comfort to Your Home

    With single, multi, split and ducted systems available, our team will add value, comfort and energy efficiency to your home! Whether you just want to cool your home office or ensure cooling and heating for every room in the house, our team in Forster will get the job done.

    Plumbing — Aircon installations in Forster NSW 2428


    Installations & Repairs

    We provide comprehensive plumbing solutions for properties across Forster and the Great Lakes. Installations, repairs, blocked drains, leaking fixtures—our team can assess your home or business’ plumbing and provide efficient, affordable and reliable solutions to keep everything running smoothly. Book our plumbers in Forster today.

    Electricians — Aircon installations in Forster NSW 2428


    Installations & Repairs

    Mid North Coast provides electrical work for homes and businesses in Forster and the Great Lakes. Wiring, installations, switchboard upgrades, lighting—our electrical solutions are tailored to your needs and designed for efficiency, affordability and reliability into the future.

    Preventative Maintenance

    Save Time, Money & Hassle

    At Aircon Mid North Coast, we understand the importance of preventative maintenance. Not only do we provide reliable advice, honest feedback and one-off repairs as needed—we take this one step further with a ‘Customised Preventative Maintenance Agreement’.

    Under the agreement, we provide regular visits and check-ups to ensure your system remains fully operational, running efficiently without unwanted breakdowns. This is just about comfort—it’s also important for commercial premises and accommodations to have the temperature, especially in summer and winter.

    By utilising our preventative maintenance agreement, you can ensure easy operations, low costs and happy customers.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This really depends on a few factors, including property size, the number of rooms you want to cool and your budget. Single and multi-room units tend to be cheaper to purchase and install than ducted systems. However, ducted systems cool and heat more efficiently, so you will save money over time.

    Yes, we provide marine air conditioning solutions for all types of vessels. Our systems are corrosion resistant, with low vibration, making them perfect for a day out on the high seas! Call our team for more information on marine air conditioning in Forster.

    If your power bill is going up without changes in usage, or you notice your unit is leaking—you may need repairs. Issues with the display, remote or thermostat can also cause larger problems, including system breakdowns. If you are concerned about the state of your system, book repairs with our team in Forster today.

    This is usually caused by low refrigerant levels or a lack of airflow to the evaporator coils. Clogged air filters, closed vents or a broken fan can also cause this issue. Book a system assessment with our air conditioner specialists in Forster.

    Cool & Comfortable All Year Round

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