Refrigerated Air Conditioning must be regularly maintained to provide peak efficiency and economy.

Recommended Servicing for Refrigerated Air Conditioning

If you regularly clean your return air filter, a domestic refrigerated system should only need one annual check-up.
Commercial systems need up to four service visits a year. It is also a good idea to do additional checks to ensure that filters are working efficiently.
With well-cared-for filters and regular services, refrigerated air conditioning will only need the smallest amount of maintenance.
As you can see, the filter on the left needed a major clean. As a result of the build up of dirt, the system would be working hard.

Issues with Refrigerated Air Conditioning

You must always keep the filters in refrigerated systems clean, no matter what type of system you use. You can see this clearly above.
Secondly, the placement of the outside unit seriously affects the system’s lifespan and usually results in repairs being required. The unit must not be in a high traffic area, as this exposes the main unit to accidental damage. The unit on the right has suffered major blows that have damaged the outside casing. When this happens, it provides easy access for vermin to enter the system which is not good for the electrics.

A typical service for an Air Conditioner will include servicing of the following parts:

Reputable air conditioners have a five year Parts and Labour Warranty. In addition, if that a system has ducting, it probably comes with a ten year warranty. You must know what warranty covers your system and also have the warranty papers where you can find them.
Regular maintenance appointments with AIRCON Mid North Coast are essential to keep your system running at its prime. A smooth running system also means less running costs, another reason to have regular servicing.
Finally, if you enter into a maintenance agreement with us, you are in good hands. We will schedule regular visits to perform all of the items on the service list agreed
to arrange your next service call

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