Why ARCTick Certified?

Why ARCTick Certified?

In this article I will answer the question “Why ARCTick Certified?”
You purchase an Air Conditioner to do a specific job and therefore you want that job done well.
You also want the unit to last a long time so it costs you less in the long run.
AIRCon Mid North Coast gets called in to inspect many units installed by tradespeople who are not ARCTick Certified. Hence we see a lot of dodgy practices that either cost the owner money or almost certainly dangerous.

So, Why ARCTick Certified?

Let’s look at some examples of things we see that are due to dodgy practices:

Installation – Positioning

Firstly, the placement of the external unit cannot be too close to the house wall. In this instance, the installer has placed the unit close to the house and the eaves. The performance of this unit is impacted by lack of air flow due to poor installation.
The consequences are poor performance, higher operating costs and also a shorter life span.
Now, most importantly, the unit does not comply with recommended practice which will affect warranties and insurance.

Installation – Not Properly Insulated

Another example of poor installation practice is this unit that has exposed pipes.
This exposes the internal cooled vapour to the outside air and will therefore impact the efficiency of the unit.
In summer the outside air will be warm, or even hot, making the air conditioner work harder to cool the inside.
In winter the outside air is cold and so the air conditioner will not be able to efficiently warm the inside of the house.
Another example of poor installation practice is this unit that has exposed pipes.

Installation – Wrong Component

Finally for this article, an example of a component that almost burned the house down.
This unit was the wrong part for the job, and the owners of the house were lucky. Lucky because they called us to work out what was wrong with their Air Conditioner. In our investigations we found this component, just before it caught fire.
You cannot afford to permit tradespeople who take shortcuts to work on your electrical systems. As a result of this unit being too small for the work it needed to do, the house was almost lost.
Make sure that the tradespeople who work on your Air Conditioner are ARCTick Certified and also comply with Australian Standards.
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